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As a Member, how to update Company Details like RCMC, GST number, PAN number etc.?

As a Member, how to update Company Details like RCMC, GST number, PAN number etc.?


1) As a member, login to with your crentials.
2) Go to the Top Menu > Profile > Company details as shown in the following screenshot: 


3) Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to ensure the following (as marked below in the sample screenshot) details are correct. The below field is just an example. As a member, one must complete all the details on this company profile page.


4) Click on Save Details after updating the fields on the page.  

5) Member will get a confirmation message of details being saved successfully. If not - check the same/entire page for any errors that would be showing right below the concerning field.

6) Similarly, as a member, you can modify any other information on this Company Details page and click on Save Details.


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