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As a Member, how do I submit Annexure-2, post shipment?

Prerequisite The user must be logged in as a Member. The associated Export Summary Form must be in the APPROVED state. Step 01: Upload the set of documents required for the Annexure. See this page for uploading the required set of document proofs: How to upload the document proofs? Remain on the same document proof page and select the following drop-down as ' Yes '. This is a must for the document proofs to appear on the Annexure-2 Page .  Step 02: Creating and Saving new Annexure-2 form. From the top menu, go to Forms > Export Summary Form . You would see a list of export summary forms Find the associated Export Summary Form for the Annexure-2 you wish to create. The export summary form must be in the APPROVED state as shown below. Click on the Open button to open the Export Summary Form. Once the form opens, scroll down to the bottom-most part of the form, to find the button 'Create Annexure' as shown below: Upon clicking this 'Creat